Onqlave: The September Snapshot

Onqlave: The September Snapshot

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly newsletter.

This month's edition will be brief. We've included a snapshot of the recent insights from our blog and some of the major headlines across data privacy and protection that you may have missed.

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Data Privacy & Protection Insights

See below for our recent content pieces diving into data privacy and protection.

What do Australians think about their privacy?

A recent OAIC survey explored attitudes amongst Australians towards their privacy. The findings were clear and highlighted growing anxieties:

  • 62% view protecting their personal data as a significant concern;
  • 82% are willing to take action to address it;
  • 47% of Australians were impacted by a breach in the past 12 months.

We explored eight core insights that can help businesses address the needs of their customers.

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The Privacy Act Review proposes the most substantial change to Australia's privacy law in decades

The report includes 116 recommendations across 28 key themes. The proposals would result in monumental changes for both organisations and citizens.

Individuals would have new and improved rights to control and protect their data, while far more organisations (e.g. small businesses) would be required to comply with the law after removing certain exemptions.

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A quick guide to Australia's Notifiable Data Breach scheme

Data breaches in Australia are an escalating threat. It is, therefore, essential to have a good understanding of the Notifiable Data Breach scheme.

We provide a quick summary of the key details so that you can report any incident in a timely and compliant manner while keeping your customers happy.

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Industry News

In case you missed it, below are ten of the top headlines from the past month:

  • The UK government backed down on a controversial anti-encryption clause in the Online Safety Bill following widespread opposition (source)
  • New cars are a data privacy nightmare, with the potential to even collect data on our 'sexual activity', according to an investigation by Mozilla (source)
  • A recent Microsoft hack was attributed to a signing key included in a crash dump and the compromise of an engineer's account (source)
  • India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Bill is set to become law after passing through parliament (source)
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland inadvertently leaked details of all 10k staff, causing huge risk to personal safety from domestic terrorism (source)
  • Deloitte Australia published the Privacy Index 2023, with findings including that 45% of under-35s left a provider following a breach (source)
  • The FBI took down the notorious Qakbot botnet after 700,000 infected computers were tricked into downloading an uninstaller (source)
  • The NIST published draft post-quantum cryptography (PQC) standards, which will help organisations protect against quantum-enabled cyber-attacks (source)
  • Ransomware surged in the first half of 2023, with at least 1,500 organisations falling victim to attack (source)
  • Tesla revealed that a breach, including 100Gb of data and personal details of 76k employees, was an inside job (source)

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